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Create Video Testimonials that Sell

A camera on, fully interactive experience.
Taught by Laurel Chiten


84% Of People Say They’ve Been Convinced To Buy A Product Or Service after Listening To A Video Testimonial. [Forbes, 2021]

Nothing is more convincing than hearing a customers personal transformation story that your ideal buyer can relate to.

Not only will you get great stories told on camera but you will also collect great content for your marketing copy.  Do you struggle with finding the exact words to attract your ideal buyer? Take the guesswork out. When you use your customers own language it ensures that you get it right!

The right message to the right audience = more sales!

In this 4 week course you will learn the basics for how to capture a good story on video and how to use these stories to nail your marketing.

  • Without fancy equipment.
  • Without hiring an expensive film crew.
  • Without worrying if you are doing it right

Registration is limited!

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Having been an award-winning documentary filmmaker for the past 30+ years, I learned how to interview people, really listen to them, and find the heart of their story. A well told story creates impact and will increase sales.

I have adapted what I know to teach you how to capture the best testimonials from your customers, in the easiest and most effective way.

PLUS, after doing hours of research, I have finally found a simple way for you to record remotely, without needing any tech skills, special equipment or expensive software.

ox Laurel, Your Video Angel

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We learned from somebody who not only is a professional filmmaker-- who better to learn from how to record and conduct an interview -- but also somebody who has a marketer mindset. We get the best of both worlds. ~GEORGES WANSEK. COURSE PLATFORM ACADEMY

This course is for you if want to...

  • Attract your ideal paying customers

  • Easily capture video testimonials remotely

  • Naturally address your customers pain points in your marketing

  • Show your prospects what is possible for them 


I was blown away! Don't miss out on her next one. You may have thought it isn't relevant to your business, but testimonials (stories) at the level she is teaching...oh man that's a game-changer. ~LYNNE MARIE JENROW, THE VIRUTAL ASSISTANT CO.

What you will learn


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Story Structure

A testimonial needs to be compelling. Learn the elements that make up a good story and how to ask the right questions to capture the best story for your so you can attract the customers you want and make more sales.


The Interview

It is all about asking the right questions. Learn pro-tip techniques for how to establish rapport,  get the heart of the story, elicit emotions and be able to capture the best story from each customer. 

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The Tech

Knowing how to correctly set up a remote interview is as important as the content. Learn the steps to recording your interview and downloading the footage easily and effortlessly.

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The Editing

Now that you have the footage "in the can", then what? How do you put a story together? What editing platform is the best? Do you want to add music?  Add images?  How to brand them?  You will learn the basics of editing and pro-tips for thinking like an editor.

The format

We start with a 3 hour INTERACTIVE workshop followed by weekly live support sessions TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. 

Interactive workshop

This will kick off the challenge and includes the framework and practice sessions to give you the foundation of the teachings.

Live coaching

Time to implement! Weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions and show off your progress. 

Premium support

Support is a key to your success. In addition to group support sessions, Create Video Testimonials  provides you with direct access to support via a ticket system. Your questions always get answered within 24 hours.

Grow together

Your questions and needs will inform the direction we move with this course. Your success is my success!

By the end of the 4 weeks you will:
• Have completed at least one polished testimonial - from interview to editing.
• Be confident that you have the tools to easily generate more testimonials on your own and/or teach a team member how to create them.

The class was phenomenal. What I learned will allow me to capture great stories of my clients remotely, instead of wasting 3+ hours of their time and mine if I were to film it in person ... there were so many good take-away nuggets. ~ SAM HATTON, MARKETING MANAGER

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Understanding the importance of a story arc in testimonials was key for me. What I learned in this Master Class will be part of my standard operating procedure forever. ~ JERICA GLASPER, MANIFESTING COACH

So... are you in?

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