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Stories are your clients most powerful marketing asset.
You can be the one who creates these for them.


Add a premium skill set to your toolbox!
Learn the basics of capturing authentic video testimonials for your clients during this 90 minute live interactive workshop.

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Create video testimonials that sell


Sunday, September 19th
2-5pm EDT

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Stories are your clients most powerful marketing assets.
You can be the one who creates these for them.

Come away with the confidence that you can successfully capture an authentic video testimonial during this 90 minute live interactive workshop

By clicking the button to provide your information you agree to further communication from Your Video Angel.

Whether your clients are launching for the first time
or wanting to scale and grow their business


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84% Of People Say They’ve Been Convinced To Buy A Product Or Service after Listening To A Video Testimonial. [Forbes, 2021]

The most powerful weapon business owners have is...

VIDEO Testimonials

Testimonials are crucial.

Customers want to be sure that their offer truly helped others, just like them, to achieve the results they want.

Business owners want to attract their ideal customers.

And customer stories can make all the difference on people deciding to buy their product or not. There is no better social proof than an authentic raving customer story told on camera.

But most business owners feel creating video testimonials are too expensive, too time consuming and not worth the effort or expense.



The workshop was phenomenal. What I learned will allow me to capture great stories of my clients remotely, instead of wasting 3+ hours of their time and mine if I were to film it in person ... there were so many good take-away nuggets. ~ SAM HATTON, MARKETING MANAGER

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This is where you come to the rescue

You can radically cut their costs, take this work off their plate, and deliver a professional product to them remotely

  • Without fancy equipment.
  • Without adding more work to their plate.
  • Without worrying if you are doing it right.

Learn from an award winning filmmaker the basic tools for how to collect superb video testimonials for your clients and be on your way to developing a unique skillset that will make you invaluable to your clients and set you apart from your peers.

Learn to make *kick ass* not *kiss ass* testimonials



I just launched a new course and wanted to get video testimonials., but I was afraid to ask my students for them, and had no idea how to record remotely. It was daunting. The workshop gave me the confidence and skills I need. I've already reached out to my students and am eager to capture their stories. ~ GEORGES WANSEK. COURSE PLATFORM ACADEMY

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A testimonial needs to be compelling. Learn the elements that make up a good story and how to ask the right questions to capture the best story for your clients so they can attract the customers they want and make more sales.



It is all about asking the right questions. Learn pro-tip techniques for how to establish rapport,  get the heart of the story, elicit emotions and be able to capture the best story from each customer. 

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Set up

Knowing how to correctly set a remote interview is as important as the content. Learn how to direct your interviewee to set up the shoot properly using equipment at hand.  


Laurel Chiten

Having been an award-winning documentary filmmaker for the past 30+ years, I learned how to interview people, really listen to them, and find the heart of their story. A well told story creates impact and will increase sales.

I have adapted what I learned to teach you how to capture the best testimonials for your clients in the easiest and most effective way. And now that we all have this wonderful tool -- mobile phones -- you can easily record remotely  without hiring a professional film crew!

ox Laurel, Your Video Angel

Lisa Short

I am starting to launch my online business and it is whole new world for me.  It can be intimidating. I'm not a techie, nor a professional interviewer. Laurel simplified the process so that anyone can understand where to take that first step for collecting customers stories remotely ~ LISA SHORT, HEALER, MEDIUM, TEACHER. 


This workshop is a chance to make mistakes, laugh, experiment, and learn how to interview correctly, guided by an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

This is a camera on, fully interactive workshop. You will be asked to role play as both an interviewer and interviewee.

  • Let's go!

    Introductions, come learn about each other, and get ready to dive in! 

  • The Art of the Interview

    Why video testimonials and what kind of testimonials work the best. How to craft the most important questions to get the best response.  

  • Partner up!

    You will be paired off with partners and sent into breakout rooms to practice mock interviews. Here's your chance to make mistakes with low stakes! Let's make some magic!

  • The Tech

    Learn the basics for how to set up and direct remote interviews with your interviewees using their smartphones. Put on your director hat!

  • What next?

    Now that you have learned the basics, we will put this teaching in context of what the next steps you need to know to become an expert in creating video testimonials and how to educate your clients about the value of this service. 

By the end of the workshop you will:

• Have the basics of a new skill that you can sell to your clients.
• Have the confidence for how to elicit the best sound bites from each interview.
• Know the steps required to become a master for creating compelling video stories for your clients.

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You will receive valuable PDF Guides

  • How to Create Video Testimonials that Sell.
  • 8 Common Mistakes that people make with video testimonials and How You Can Avoid Them.
  • And other surprises.


Workshop was awesome. Myth busting. I took 4 pages of notes! .~ PAM HOLLAND, MINDFUL DECLUTTERING



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