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I was blown away! Don't miss out on her next one. You may have thought it isn't relevant to your business, but testimonials (stories) at the level she is teaching...oh man that's a game-changer. ~LYNNE MARIE JENROW, THE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT CO.

create video testimonials remotely.


Let's face it. Stories are the key to attracting more customers. Many testimonials are filled with clients gushing about the product or service but don't nail the future customers concerns or objections. A testimonial needs to clearly outline the sense of transformation and possibility. Let your customers be your amplifiers.

You want to have viewers saying to themselves...

"That's me! I want in."

In this workshop discover how to choose the right 'characters', know what you are looking for, what questions to ask, and how to interview. Learn pro tips for how to film remotely using smartphones, without having to hire a film crew.

The workshop was phenomenal. What I learned will allow me to capture great stories of my clients remotely, instead of wasting 3+ hours of their time and mine if I were to film it in person ... there were so many good take-away nuggets. ~ SAM HATTON, MARKETING MANAGER

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Are you a course creator?
step by step guidance for creating video content. 

Turn your home into a studio

Getting ready to record content can be daunting. The lighting, the video, the audio, the location...lots to think about!

Learn professional tricks and techniques for how to record the best quality picture and sound without breaking your budget.

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 9.56.28 PM
video testimonials

Editing is more than just pushing buttons.

Crafting and finding the best story is key for creating compelling content.

Learn how to think like a filmmaker and storyteller. Find the heart of the interview, the importance of pacing, visuals and sound. Make the best use of the footage you have, to create the most impact.

Make your lessons polished and branded

  • Create a consistent look for all your materials and website. Adding high quality titles and images will give your course a more professional feel.
  • Add animated bullet points for your videos to emphasize clarify your lesson objectives.
  • Design downloadable and editible PDFs.
  • Make animated intro and outro titles for your lessons that match your branding.
  • Add music to your titles for the intro and outro of your lessons.
video testimonials
BLURED VFX SHOT.mp4-low copy

Spice it up with animation!

    • Let our animators make your still images come alive.
    • Create website headers that move.
    • Make your logo dance.


Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.03.31 PM

I wanted to create a high end digital course but had no idea how to make the videos. Laurel made my dreams come true. ~ KATHY D

Check out this founders video 

We made this for course creator and membership owner GEORGE WANSEK to help him promote his services. 

Interviewed remotely via zoom, using his own iphone set up on a music stand! See what is possible with just a smartphone, a handful of photos, and stock footage.

Who are you? What do you want your customer to know about you? Every entrepreneur has a story. Use video to connect with your audience emotionally. Let them see and hear who you are. Your values, your journey, and how you can help them. Emotions Sell.

Laurel is a master visual storyteller. I was blown away with what she created for me using just my iphone as a camera.~ GEORGES WANSEK

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Does the idea of creating video make you want to hide under the covers?

Sprout hiding copy

You are an expert in your field. You have a fire in your belly and you know you can can create something magical. You dream of creating a course or a membership, but don't have the skills or the time to do it all.

You know that video will enhance your business. But producing video can cause frustration if you try to do it yourself,  Or worse, you hire the wrong person to help you, and they don't understand you or what you are trying to create.


Work with someone who GETS you and your vision...
and won't break your budget.

Hello, I'm Laurel

Your Video Angel!

I help you use video to make your business rock because I have been an award-winning documentary filmmaker for over 30 years.

It starts with a spark. An idea that just would not let you go.. a dream for that course you want to create.. a service you want to sell.. a product you must share...and you must follow this passion...

... but there are so many moving pieces and learning curves!

You know you need video for your business. But you don't know how or when to use it and just how powerful video can be. Maybe you think it is too pricey, too complicated, and, well, just not worth the cost or effort.

As an indie filmmaker, I KNOW that spark. And I know video creates huge impact. My own dream now is to support you with all your video needs. I want to make it effortless, and well, even FUN.

As YOUR VIDEO ANGEL I bring together all my filmmaking expertise and passion to help YOU create something amazing with video, without the stress and anxiety of figuring it out on your own.

ox Laurel

Blue Planets Illustrated Quotes Instagram Post

“Laurel is a cross between a goddess and a bulldog, she tenaciously tackled what looked like an impossible problem and swiftly came up with a creatively innovative resolution. ~SUSAN WINTER

Susan Winter filmmaker


You are unique. Your business needs are unique.
Services range from teaching you to do it yourself -- to having it all done for you.


Small Needs

Do you have one small project you've always wanted to do?  Maybe you need a video banner made for your website. Or you want some advice on something you are editing.


A la carte

Pick and choose where you need the most help, what services you need, how much you want to do on your own, where you feel the most stuck, and how I can best ease your pain and get you moving forward! 


Full service

You tell me your needs and I put on my producer hat, and bring in my professional production team. We help with your set up, edit your videos, create all the graphic materials, and upload to your platform. You provide the content. Leave the rest to us.

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 5.41.24 PM

With just a quick peek at my website, Laurel saw opportunity for me and my business to shine.  I now have a video banner that showcases my personality and my brand. ~ JUDY BARBE


And we can help you get all these made!


Compelling stories from your customers. 


Videos for social media and ads.


A series of videos to launch your product or service

video testimonials


Branded videos for your students or website.


Tells the story of who you are, shares your values, and how and why you built your business. 


Product videos that sell your product or service. 



A taste of what is possible, with just a smartphone, editing, and a bit of imagination.
Most directed remotely, by zoom. 

Course Platform Academy - launch video

Georges Wansek took the CREATE TESTIMONIALS THAT SELL Workshop and interviewed several of his students implementing what he had learned. I took his footage, and edited this composit PRODUCT LAUNCH VIDEO 

Kathy D- Course creator

Kathy wanted to create a high end digital course but had no idea how to make the videos. She wanted to create 25 videos for her course and choose the ACTION - FULL SERVICE OPTION. She learned how to turn a room in her home into a recording studio using her iphone as a camera. My team created her animated titles, PDF graphics, animated graphics, edited all the videos with color correction and sound design, and uploaded everything to her course platform.  

Gathr Films - tech start up

Gathr had created a new virtual exhibition platform to screen films during the pandemic and wanted to advertise this service. These filmmaker TESTIMONIALS were created for their marketing and used for their website and on social media. All interviewed on zoom remotely, using the filmmakers iphones as a camera, and edited on Adobe Premiere and After Effects. 

Dinner Mates- membership

Dinner Mates is a membership launched in Jan 2020.  These EVENT PROMO VIDEOS were created to promote the dinner events on the website and email marketing campaigns. 

Membership Launch

This video was a PROMOTION VIDEO created to publicize the launch of my own membership of DINNER MATES in Jan 2020. 


Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.03.31 PM

I wanted to create a high end digital course but had no idea how to make the videos. Luckily, I met Laurel. Not only did she create the videos, but she brought her producing experience to the entire project. 

I was blown away with the quality of the digital course she helped me create. Laurel made my dreams come true. I am so indebted to her talents, and the talent of her team. I look forward to a long partnership over the coming years and building a successful new arm of my business. 

Significa Group LLC

We needed to create marketing materials to attract more customers to our platform but had a limited budget. Laurel brought her awesome interview skills, scrappy filmmaker mentality, and editing chops. We ended up with amazing testimonial stories for our website and social media campaigns. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.06.29 PM

Laurel's expertise in film making made a huge impact during a "Guest Speaker Masterclass" she gave to the members of my membership.

Her confidence and knowledge of how to capture stories were impressive. She was also able to teach simple video editing concepts that anyone can apply. 

Laurel not only masters the subject of "telling stories through videos'', she also is able to make you walk away with wins. 

Zero Stress Word Press
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 5.41.24 PM

With just a quick peek at my website, Laurel saw opportunity for me and my business to shine. She instructed my husband how to film me using my iphone, we sent her the footage and she did her magic.  Voila! I now have a video banner on my home page that showcases my personality and my brand. 

Laurel Chiten

Tell me your ideas and dreams!

This is your chance to share with me who you are, your dreams, your ideas, your timeline, your budget... and any other details that pop into your mind when you think about how can I use video in my business.  I am eager to answer all of your questions and I will get back to you via email within 2 business days. I promise. Talk soon.

LAUREL CHITEN, Your Video Angel.

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